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NFC Business Card Designs | vkardz

Select from our catalogue of 400+ NFC business card designs that match your profession and personality.

vkardz For Professionals

The client base of our digital business cards is spread across professionals from different industries. Choose one that represents YOU!

Why Choose vkardz?

Our digital business cards allow you to share personal and professional details, such as contact information, social media profiles, website, and much more, within a second.

We don’t believe in imposing limits on editing and sharing your details when you use our online business cards. Network, expand, and seize every business opportunity with our NFC business cards.

Unlimited Opportunity

The one-time fee payment of digital visiting cards comes with lifetime support as well, so when you get stuck, we will be there to help you out. Don’t be surprised if you find our on the phone resolving your queries about NFC business cards.

Human Support

vkardz aims to be a part of your business journey from the very first to the millionth customer. Let’s join hands and grow your business network with vkardz NFC business cards.

We Are Part Of Your Journey

Hot Deals

Who doesn’t love a sale? We’ve got you covered with limited-time offers on our NFC business cards. Get your digital business card at discounted price for a limited period.


How To Own A Digital Business Card?

It only takes 3 simple steps to accelerate your business growth with vkardz smart business cards.


Step 1: Order A Digital Visiting Card

Check out our store, finalize your card, customize it if you want and place the order. We will deliver the physical card within 5 business days, Guaranteed.


Step 2: Setup and Activate Your Online Business Card Profile

After placing the order, you will get a fully-customizable dashboard. Insert all the details you want to add to your NFC business card profile and start sharing them with the prospects. We will activate your digital business card immediately. So yeah! Your card is ready to use.


Step 3: Start sharing & editing

Once your online business card profile is activated, edit and share it whenever you want, as much as you want. #No limits at all

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The Professional Way To Connect With Contactless Digital Business Card

Adding value to your connection and leaving footprints on your prospect is made so easy and possible with vKardz. Give the impression. It's professional.

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